Canal Alliance is a non-profit in Novato that provides immigrants access to needed services and resources and helps educate, empower and support them. They have roughly 50 employees.

Canal Alliance
Non-Profit Industry
IT Consultancy, Cloud Computing, Computer Support and Cyber Security


Canal Alliance was experiencing issues with their entirely cloud-based platform. It was buggy, frequently lost connection, and with 13 servers, was extremely costly. They were also not utilizing many services available to them as a non-profit. Their IT infrastructure had no direction and figuring out how to rein in IT expenses was a major source of stress.


PCS designed a customized environment that was less reliant on the cloud. The new system was simplified, offered greater redundancy, maintained higher up-time, was far less costly, boosted reliability, increased functionality, and approachability, provided greater access and control, and had a superior security profile. We also assisted in finding low-interest financing, and other cost-saving benefits to help them budget their IT costs.


Canal Alliance employees have reported that their new infrastructure is far faster, responsive, and less frustrating. This resulted in more effective and efficient employees. They have also mentioned that their IT costs are far lower and more predictable. They have also commented on how much they appreciate our attentive and flexible support staff.