PCS understands trust is earned, and we work hard to become our clients trusted partner. We work to ensure our client’s businesses are up to date with modern IT standards. We seek to guide our client’s technology strategy to adapt to industry trends, cybersecurity risks, and even attract quality employees with fast, reliable, and stress-free infrastructure.

Goodman Neuman Hamilton LLP
IT Consultancy, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security


GNH lacked trust with their previous IT Provider and felt directionless. The previous IT Provider made recommendations, yet, GNH remained unsure of how important these projects were, and what impact would it have, and if the cost were reasonable.


PCS began working with GNH in 2009. Immediately we made recommendations and emphasized the importance and impact these changes would have, and explained the process and the resulting benefits. GNH quickly understood the cost/benefits analysis.

In our first year, we upgraded all their software to Office 2010, and Windows Server Standard 2008. GNH experienced improvements in speed and reliability of their system. Shortly into our relationship, GNH trusted PCS to care for their environment and their technology strategy and entered into a Managed Service Agreement establishing PCS as their internal IT team.


In 2018, PCS implemented a plan to refresh the entire network. PCS replaced all the servers with Windows Server Standard 2016, audited all of their licenses, deployed Office 2016, worked with their WorldDox vendor to implement templates and plugins for Word and Outlook, replaced all their core switches, replaced their NAS backup, and deployed Advanced Endpoint Protection to protect their workstations, laptops and servers.

In 2019, PCS implemented a desktop hardware refresh while making sure all computers were updated to Windows 10 before Windows 7 was outdated. Additionally, PCS conducted a file server and permissions audit and implemented a logistics plan for their office move at the end of the year.

Trust is an essential part of our relationship with our Partners. If you’re looking for an IT Provider you can trust, think of PCS.