Attention Lawyers!

  • Does your admin lack IT support?
  • Is it challenging to solve ongoing IT issues?
  • Do you need unique software and hardware?
  • Do you wish your admin is fully empowered to resolve issues?
  • Do you want the best software applications?
  • Do you wish for the latest infrastructure so that you can:
  • Focus on doing your work with fewer disruptions
  • Establish secure data & office environment

We Partner with Law Firms!

We are a trusted IT Service Provider for Law Firms in the Bay Area.

Our partnership with Law Firms extends over 30 years.

We provide worry-free growth of your business by offering these services:
  • Software & infrastructure solutions, local and remote
  • Modern infrastructure management with secure data & environment
  • PCS helps facilitates financing & forecasting to streamline costs of software and hardware
  • PCS will train your team to understand the risks and the value of your data
  • PCS is your trusted partner relationship who will support you with IT planning and budgeting
  • PCS will help align your Business Strategy with your Technology Infrastructure