IT Assessments: What’s the State of Your Infrastructure?

With an IT assessment from PCS, you’ll gain a better understanding of your environment and learn how to leverage IT for your business better. We help you win with IT and use it as a competitive advantage to provide a more efficient and effective system. Whether it’s been a while since you had an assessment or you’ve never had one, you can rely on PCS to deliver a plan to improve your mission-critical systems.

More than likely, your IT infrastructure has developed gradually as your business has grown. Over time, challenges can emerge such as performance gaps, redundancies, and silos. You may have issues with software updates and configurations or security compromises. Your documentation may be outdated and you could be headed for significant challenges. Without the proper perspective, it may seem overwhelming to know where to best invest in IT resources. We can help bring clarity to the chaos.

Benefits of a Successful IT Assessment

At the end of our assessment, you’ll receive an in-depth review of your critical IT areas with a non-biased evaluation and recommendations. You’ll enjoy these benefits:

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    Documentation of existing environment and infrastructure.
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    Migration strategy and plan.
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    Risk analysis associated with migration and mitigation of those risks.
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    Project management of the process.
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    Maximum availability during migration.
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    Quick execution to reduce any impact on the business.

PCS Performs On-Site Evaluations

Physical site evaluations are another vital part of IT assessments. We can execute a site evaluation for your Bay Area business to determine what’s working and what needs improvement. A site evaluation includes a review of all the hardware components and servers that are on site and how they fit with your IT and business goals.

What Is an IT Assessment?

An IT assessment includes a comprehensive review of your entire IT ecosystem.
We look at everything that is involved in your IT system, including:

  • Data Storage

    What are the permissions, accessibility, and availability? How does it perform?

  • Server Infrastructure

    How is it supported? What are its capabilities? How is virtualization being used?

  • Network Infrastructure

    What power, environment controls, and support are in use and required? Other areas of assessment include network switching, cabling, connectivity, LAN/WAN, and more.

  • Cloud Computing Services

    Is the cloud available, accessible, and secure? Is it compliant?

  • Business Services and Applications

    How are collaboration and messaging handled? What applications does your staff use effectively? Where are the gaps?

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    What is the status of your plan? Is your plan tested? What is your backup process?

  • Network Security

    What are your policies? Are you using best-in-class virus, spam, and firewall protocols? Is physical security robust?

  • Qualitative Risk Assessment

    Risk identification and analysis for all systems.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

Why Choose PCS for IT Assessments

If your IT environment isn’t working for your company as it should, then it’s time to talk to the experts at PCS about an assessment. We look forward to helping you optimize your infrastructure. Contact us today to get started.

  • Business Acceleration

    Our consultative approach enables you to accelerate your business by optimizing your IT services and enhancing performance, availability, and security.

  • Trusted Advisors

    We have a deep commitment to our clients. Our recommendations are unbiased and always focus on future-proofing your technology so that what we implement today helps you grow into tomorrow.

  • Deep Levels of Expertise

    With thousands of IT assessments under our belt in a variety of industries, we have the experience you need to ensure access to the latest technology and knowledge.

  • Security Focused

    One of the most important parts of your IT assessment is the risk analysis and review of your cybersecurity practices. We are always security focused because, without safe and secure data, your IT system is in danger.