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IT Monitoring for Your San Francisco Business: Protect Your Network with Help from PCS

IT monitoring is essential for a healthy IT network. It also needs to be proactive, consistent, and constant. Your data and network are central to everything you do, so it’s imperative to invest in sophisticated and comprehensive IT monitoring.

With our IT monitoring services, you will receive end-to-end application solutions, which ensure that applications, devices, and your infrastructure are performing as they should be.

Remote Monitoring and Management Tools Enable Efficiency

PCS invests in superior tools to remotely monitor and manage your network. The tools can connect to many different types of devices:

  • Servers, workstations, mobile devices, and desktops
  • Routers, switches, hubs, bridges, gateways, wireless access points, and other equipment
  • Firewalls, security devices, and anti-malware applications

These tools allow us to have real-time visibility to quickly detect and diagnose the root cause of any issues. With our monitoring solutions, you can feel confident that downtime will be minimized, and productivity increased.

  • Offers System Performance Insights

    Along with monitoring mission-critical systems, we can monitor things like memory consumption and usage. We can use this data to establish performance baselines, identify trends and patterns, and leverage these insights to optimize performance and minimize risk. From a deep analysis, we can put together specialized recommendations to implement so you get the best performance.

  • IT Monitoring: Updates and Patches

    With proper IT monitoring, your system will always have the most current updates and patches. Why is this so important? Well, applications that haven’t been updated are more susceptible to penetration. Updates and patches usually fix security concerns so they’re vital in keeping your network secure.

  • Desktop Monitoring

    Keep all your desktops fully maintained without worry. With monitoring of desktops comes maintenance as well, such as deploying Windows security updates, checking log events for issues, looking at disk space, ensuring the health of desktops, and managing anti-virus solutions for each machine.
    You can also enjoy:

    • Automatic security updates and removal of viruses as needed
    • Weekly file cache cleanup
    • Disk space monitoring
    • Smaller footprints without impacting the user

  • Server Monitoring

    Risk is present in any situation. While you may have traditional safeguards in place, such as firewalls and software, cybercriminals are much more sophisticated. These typical ways to secure your system look at risk from a reactive perspective. The new way to manage cybersecurity risk must be proactive and multi-pronged.

    With a cybersecurity program that uses this approach, your data will be monitored and protected from multiple vantage points and helps you maintain compliance.

  • Mobile Device Monitoring

    If your company allows for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) then you may also want to opt for mobile device monitoring to govern these personal devices being used by employees for professional purposes.

  • Network Monitoring

    When you work with a cybersecurity consulting firm, the best place to start is with planning. This would include a risk identification assessment as well as documenting and developing your policies. These will be the foundation of your cybersecurity program and will evolve as the threat landscape does.

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Why Partner with PCS for IT Monitoring Managed Services

Enhance your business processes with our managed IT monitoring services. With proactive detection of system issues, you’ll be in control of your network’s status. Our wide range of IT monitoring services will ensure that problems are found and resolved in a timely manner for improved efficiency and prevention of any downtime.

Our team of experienced IT experts is here to help your system stay healthy. We’ll be tracking performance, intelligently monitoring, and offering the support you need to keep your business’s IT systems up and running. Our decades of experience with helping San Francisco Bay Area businesses assure that we’ve got your back.

Don’t leave your network exposed! Contact us today to learn more about IT monitoring services.