Aligning Modern Technology Best Practices and Security

PCS is here to support your San Francisco business with its IT strategy. For your business to run smoothly and have the foundation it needs to ensure your employees have the technology required to perform their duties effectively, you need a robust IT strategy that offers modern technology best practices and security.

When developing an IT strategy with our team, we’ll include every part of your system from servers to cloud functionality to cybersecurity. A poorly designed IT system can be a huge impediment to your day-to-day operations as well as your long-term growth and scalability. Rid your company of frequent and constant disruptions caused by inefficient processes.

IT Strategy: Creating a Roadmap

We work with San Francisco Bay Area businesses to create an IT strategy roadmap that includes:

  • Business and IT Alignment

    We begin by looking at the mission and goals of a company, which helps us understand the role of IT within those. We look at how IT can better support business strategy and deliver value. We also examine how new IT capabilities can help with a new or changing business model.

  • IT Current State Analysis

    This is an assessment of the existing IT environment and how it helps and hinders the company. We look at your data centers, networks, equipment, cloud computing usage, cybersecurity policies, and more. It’s a complete 360-degree view of your current footprint with an analysis of its current health and opportunities for improvement. You’ll learn what needs to be replaced, upgraded, or updated using the most advanced technologies. The assessment will also look to the future and what new initiatives will be necessary for future growth and sustainability.

  • IT Future State Vision

    This stage of the process is about creating a vision of where IT should be headed for your company for full alignment with your business goals. We’ll look at innovative technology and its role in your future state. After developing the future state, we’ll compare it to the current state and identify gaps.

  • The Roadmap

    Getting from the current to the future state requires a highly detailed plan. This deliverable encompasses the desired future state and the major initiatives needed to get there. It will include budgetary estimates, new business application systems, infrastructure improvements, restructuring, process improvements, governance structures, and risk management programs.

    The roadmap offers a timeline and how to execute on each recommendation while also bolstering your security practices to keep your IT secure during its evolution.

IT is a Critical Function

It’s imperative to consider IT as a critical function of your enterprise. It’s not only a supporting function for your business; it’s also integral to your entire business model. You don’t have to consider your business to be high-tech in order to leverage the capabilities that digital transformation offers.

With an IT strategy, your organization will begin to see IT as more than technical. Designing your IT systems and processes from a technical perspective is necessary, but you also need to look at them from a business perspective. What might impact your IT? A change in business direction? Growth? Acquisitions? Competitive disruption? These are all possibilities, so your IT strategy needs to address them.

Our experienced team offers these scope deliverables:

  • IT Applications

    The business applications to use to support business processes.

  • IT Infrastructure

    Technical architecture related to hardware, operating systems, platforms, facilities, and more.

  • IT Management Best Practices

    What are the best internal processes for IT governance, operations, security, and risk.

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