We're a world-class leader in protecting data & identity for businesses and non-profits.

Why PCS?

“We ask what’s important to our clients, and strategize with them from day one on how we can achieve your business goals. Our clients feel confident in their equipment, and they will have the freedom to do their work, uninhibited.” — Dan Hernandez, President

Businesses and non-profits can get blindsided by cyber threats because they ignore technology due to aging equipment and budget constraints. PCS provides a critical service to businesses and non-profits by managing cybersecurity risks, including ransomware, crypto walkers, phishing emails, and other evolving cyber crimes.

PCS provides a safe, secure tech infrastructure for businesses and non-profits through education, advising, collaborating, and strategizing.

Dan Hernandez, President of PCS
Dan Hernandez, President of PCS
  • Software & Infrastructure Solutions

    Learn how a modern infrastructure and a secure ideal network can attract new talent. Understand the critical role each tech plays in a business to grow the business, do more marketing and sales outreach, and bill more clients.

  • Training Education

    Adopt a culture of informed employees, educate employees to spot cybersecurity risks, teach others in the team, including cybersecurity training at onboarding.

  • Trusted Partner Relationship

    Go beyond monthly maintenance fees and choose a trusted IT Service provider who delivers added value through education, advising, collaborating, and strategizing.

PCS provides IT services throughout the SF Bay Area for non-profits, architects, property managers, general contractors, lawyers, medical, start-ups, and manufacturing.

PCS is recognized for its commitment towards elevating the Non-Profit Industry in the Bay Area. PCS’s partnership with Non-Profits extends over 30 years and includes procurement of over $1M in grants for Bay Area Non-Profits

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